We are committed to empowering children and their parents to"Live Long and Prosper"by developing healthy eating habits and providing them with the knowledge needed for prevention and wellness

GGE Foundation was founded in 2015 out of the need to educate children and their parents on the relation between childhood/adult obesity and poor diet quality. More and more Americans are becoming overweight and obese while consuming more added sugars, fats and spending a lower percentage of their disposable income on food.  

Did you know that you can minimize the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and improve your overall  health and wellness by improving your diet and your child's diet by giving the brain the nutrients needed for optimal neurotransmitter and hormone function?

GGE started their search to find ways to help children and adults that need this attention so badly. After conducting research and reading countless articles and studies on health and behavioral problems in children and adults and it being possibly linked to their diets,  GGE came up with a plan to teach children and adult about the importance of a balanced diet.

GGE  offers wellness workshops, cooking classes and such activities as; growing your own vegetables, promoting physical activity and nutrition education. Our organization is committed to empowering children and their parents with the knowledge on how to live long and prosper.  - GGE Foundation